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Dear Yuletide Author

Hello, whoever you are! :) I'm excited that you're writing me a story, and apologize that it took me a while to get this letter up.

My tastes in fic run strongly to gen, with side trips into het romance. I'm not fond of slash, because I love both canon (so I'm not interested in seeing the orientation of a character altered) and rich portrayals of close non-sexual relationships, whether family or friendship. If you normally slash the characters I've asked for... I dunno, think of this as a challenge. *g*

That also means slash is fine if the characters are canonically LGBTQ. (See Deadwood notes below.)

I love anything that gives me more of the characters as they are in source canon. If I can recognize them, in action and interaction and dialogue or narrative voice, you will have made me happy, full stop. Within that requirement, I'm open to everything from ridiculous happy fluff to gut-wrenching angst, from babyfic to character death and pretty much anything in-between

I have special soft spots for friendship, h/c, adventure stories, and small, intimate moments. I'm fond of smarm, though (as with h/c) I want the story to earn it and I want it to be in-character, even if the characters are being more open or affectionate with each other than usual.

Specific squicks include: porn for the sake of porn, incest, and sexualized violence (unless it's not explicit and is necessary to the story). I don't enjoy partner betrayal, romantic or otherwise, but again, it all depends on characterization. I have no problems with violence or language.


I'm newly in love with this series, and would thus take almost anything it pleases you to write! But if you're looking for ideas, I have two:

First, I adore Jewel. I long for stories about her or from her POV; how does she feel about Al Swearengen, really? With whom does she feel safe, and with whom is she afraid? Where did she get that biting sense of humor? Might she be in love with Doc a little... or is he more like a brother? Did it take her a long time to befriend Trixie; or do they really get along at all even now?

Secondly, although I am still finishing up season three, I am loving the friendship that is developing between Joanie and Jane Cannery. I'm not sure whether it's going to stay friendship or whether it might turn into something else (Joanie is clearly gay or bi); I'm open to either.


This is one of my favorite movies. I would adore some Jen/Kira--I find their friendship and potential romance utterly adorable. Creative takes on the world either before or after the mending of the Crystal would be appreciated, too.


I'm a Satoshi Kon fan, and this may be my favorite of all his films--such a tale of the beautiful, terrible messiness of real life, and how people navigate it together. I'd like to see a fic where that mess gets transformed as the story is passed on... say, to Kiyoko when the child is older.


I realize that asking for a story featuring Molly Carpenter and Thomas Raith is basically begging for straight-up PWP. However, what I'm really looking for is emotional intensity. Molly and Thomas are both deeply emotional people, and I would love to see that explored between them. That connection could be instead of sexytimes, or--if the characters are in character and you can convince me the story can fit into canon somehow--it could include sexytimes.


I asked for a story featuring Turbo, Mouse, and Bob. It doesn't need to have all three of them, but what I had in mind when I asked was a glimpse behind the scenes during season two, when Mouse was the Guardians' secret agent.

I also wouldn't mind an earlier story, with Mouse/Bob; or even an AU with Mouse/Turbo (I can see it, and I don't usually go for possibly AU pairings).

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you write for me.
Tags: dark crystal, deadwood, dresden files, reboot, tokyo godfathers, yuletide 13

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