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LOST and crazy L.A. drivers

Yay LOST! It wasn't long enough, I have to say,

...but it was good. Plopped us right back in the middle of the action, as if we-the-viewers had never had a whole summer off. As to what was down the hatch--I never would have guessed that. Not in a million years. Quite a teaser it made.

Terry O'Quinn as Locke continues to amaze me.

So many questions remain unanswered, though! Why did the hatch have "QUARANTINE" stenciled on it? Why was Shannon able to hear the "voices" and have an apparently genuine psychic vision of Walt? Why was Walt's voice backwards, and what was he actually saying? Who the heck is Desmond really, and how did he get down there? Where's Kate? Who's boss at the caves now that Jack, Kate, and Locke are away, and Michael and Sawyer (and Jin) are out near the wrekage of the raft [actually, I suppose it's Sayid]? Is Desmond "running" the island from down there? What part do the Others have to play in this?


I'm so glad this show is back. :-)

Here's a stupid-driver story for everyone to add to their collections.

I was driving to work today, and was first in line in the lane to turn left off Victory onto Hollywood Way. I pulled forward and waited for the oncoming lanes to clear. It was taking a while--lots of traffic--but I saw a gap coming big enough for me and probably the car behind me.

I go to turn, and a car from the non-turn-lane beside me PULLS OUT AND TURNS LEFT AHEAD OF ME. Across the designated turn lane, across oncoming traffic. I almost hit the guy. Nice, fancy-pants white car. I honked at him, turned behind him, and kept honking. I was spitting mad; I really wished the two cops on the block behind me had seen that (I actually tried to get the guy's liscence plate, having some brief, hair-brained idea about reporting him).

*deep breaths* I'm used to stupidity on the road; that was direct and flagrant violation of the most basic rules of the road.
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