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To Mr. Leonard Nimoy...

Sir, I always hoped that I would get a chance to see you in person, perhaps even shake your hand. Star Trek was my first fandom, and although I had moved on to other iterations by the time I started having proper crushes, there's always been something about your Spock that drew me in. That moved me, that spoke to the part of me that felt caught between one side and another.

I treasure that. But I also know you were a deeply creative person; a photographer, someone interested in the spiritual, and an actor far beyond just the bridge of the Enterprise. Some of this I've watched or read, some I haven't yet.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of it. For living and speaking and creating and being kind to your fans and reminding us all to live long and prosper.

Thank you. We'll miss you.

Sarah Izhilzha
Tags: creativity, leonard nimoy, letter

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