izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Fan fic recollections -- AKA oh dear, AO3 formatting...

So I'm finally getting around to fixing formatting on some of my fics which I transferred over to Archive of Our Own a couple of years ago. I went back to read a couple of old fics (as you do -- err, as I do, anywa) and realized that they had serious formatting errors or were, in a couple of cases, actually missing paragraphs from the end!

So I'm going through them all, oldest to newest, and it feels like reliving a bunch of my younger years. I was a good deal more tuned into some characters' baggage than I thought; not always as good a writer as I thought; sometimes much better than I remembered.

It's a very fun exercise, overall. And only a few of the fics, so far, need any serious edits in terms of missing content or formatting.
Tags: ao3, editing, fan fiction, fandom, my fics, writing

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