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The joys of apartment-complex living

To be honest, I don't have it so bad. My complex is small, the tenents quiet. Even the complex next door is fairly subdued (just the occasional party and our resident, good, piano player).

However. There is one person whom I would like give a piece of my mind. His/her window is right next door to mine, and his/her alarm goes off every morning at about 7am. And keeps going off for about half an hour. No, I have no idea why. Maybe he/she is a heavy sleeper.

Usually, I'm up by then, so it's not a problem. This morning, though? His/her alarm went off at 6 am. And kept going off. I got up, got a drink, and then tried to go back to bed. I was just awake enough that I couldn't get back to sleep with the noise. I even remember stumbling out to the living room to see if I should try crashing on the couch instead. Finally, I just buried my head in the pillow and stuffed my sheet in the other ear (more or less) and went to sleep.

Grrrr. Annoying way to start my friday.

ETA: This happened Saturday and Sunday, as well. *facepalm* If it happens again, I'm getting up and throwing rocks at his/her window.
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