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Today is Columbus Day. Do we get it off? No. *pouts*

I am sooo tired today. Yesterday was spent driving to my roommate's boss' house--she just moved, and hired us (yay extra $$) to clean it before the new owners arrive. This process was complicated, including major amounts of dust, mouse poo, and my roomie putting one leg through a hole in the floor (thank God she was okay).

We tried to time it so I could get back for church at 6pm, or at least for me to make it to the prayer team's special meeting at 7:30. Ha. We didn't leave the place till 7:40pm, or get home till 9:15. I was worn out, depressed, a tiny bit guilty cause I told my team leader I'd be there, and sore from scrubbing floor. Also, still have a cough and all the dust and cleaning fumes didn't help.

But my roommie and I watched some Quantum Leap, and ate soup, and I went to bed early and slept quite well (apart from the weird dream where I was in an arranged engagement to Draco Malfoy O_o). So I'm feeling all right this morning, even if I'm still sore and a bit sick.

*sigh* I want an easy, thoroughly enjoyable week, for once. I know, such is not life. :-P I'll try to enjoy the challenges.
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