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Wow, timely fic gets good reviews.

I put "Flying Lessons" up on myFanFiction.Net account, and by this morning had two very nice reviews. I love it when something I write moves people. *basks in writerly joy* [ETA: I just checked again and there are EIGHT MORE. *faints dead away*]

Speaking of which, I went to see Serenity again today. Third time, yes, it was. And it was every bit as good as the first time. In particular, one moment--Wash's death--hit me harder than I thought it could, being a repeat viewing. I gasped, teared up, and sat gripping my seat, literally, physically dizzy with grief from that moment until Kaylee says, "Where's Wash?".

Then I walked from the theatre (AMC Burbank 16, Kim) to the mall next door and splurged on the bookstore's last copy of the Serenity Visual Companion. To any Joss fans who do not own this? Buy it. Right. Now. It's awesome, very pretty, cool insight into Joss's creative thinking, and includes his notes on music and lighting and stunt work, plus the shooting script. [There's my bedtime reading, you betcha.]

Pretty good day, today. I hope this week at work is calm, and that I keep getting over this cold and don't relapse and that I find time to write (NaNoWriMo is creeping up upon me!)....
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