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The first day of NaNoWriMo

aka, "They say confession is good for the soul." I have nothing to show as yet. Argh. So many people I know have reached 1,000 words already!

I'm not even doing an original novel for NaNo; I'm using it to get out a Sentinel case story that's been bugging me for about 2 years.

Working title: Senseless

At least I did enough outlining that I vaguely know where the plot needs to head (and the types of red herrings that will give me the timeline and focus that I need), and I've named my original characters, and I know what I need to write for about the first 5,000 words. And I know how it ends!

I'll be okay, I suppose.

Now, if I can only manage to do NaNo without getting distracted by my new procrastination tool: I'm knitting a Ravenclaw scarf, and have decreed that it must be finished in time for the opening night of Goblet of Fire.

Also, due to NaNo, other fics are being put on hold. This includes my original screenplay (my RL writer's group is being quite supportive), the CSI ficlet series I was trying to finish, that Sentinel faith-fic (maybe I can try again in December, V.), and anything else that bites me.

Oh! I may, however, finish my Numb3rs ficlet, since I told mistraltoes it would be forthcoming. It's very short. I just have to figure out how to talk like Charlie...*headdesk*
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