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Very realistic dream

Huh. My dreams are often colorful and adventurous, but rarely are they this detailed. And very rarely do I actually have physical sensations in the dream.

I was in some city whose streets were on steep hills (rather like Vancouver, now that I think about it, whitemartyr). I had parked a couple of miles away, and now was finished with whatever meeting I'd been to or shopping I'd had to do, and trying to figure out how to get back to my car. I was in the parking lot of a big grocery store, it was near dusk and raining heavily. I was getting rather thoroughly wet. I also had my mom's best saucepan with me (no idea why), and was concerned with getting it back to her safely.

I was looking around for a place to hide the pan and come back for it later. There didn't seem to be a good spot, too many people (=potential theives) around, so I ducked under the narrow eaves of the grocery store to get out of the rain and think for a bit. A girl was there, probably late high school or something, bouncy way of talking, wet brown hair. She struck up a conversation and offered to drive me where I needed to go. I accepted, though I was distracted through the whole conversation by two ambulance workers loading a guy on a gurney into their ambulance. They had him strapped down, but he was in so much pain that he was fighting them the whole way. It was disturbing, and made me remember that driving in rain like this could be dangerous.

I walked with the girl to her car and we got in. She started driving, and she drove like a crazy person! Took corners too fast, may have run a red light, and did NOT slow for steep downgrades. I hung on, praying with all my might that I wouldn't die. Then she hit a really steep street, and I felt the car leave the ground. We were falling at such a speed and steep angle that the wheels never hit pavement. Now the girl was scared too--and I felt my stomach doing that twitchy, floaty thing it does in freefall. I just knew we were going to smash, like the guy in the ambulance.

Then the grade leveled out or something, and the wheels touched ground, and my driver jammed on her brakes. We both just sat there breathing for a minute or two. Shocked to be alive. We both knew there was no way we should have made it.

But we had. And it was still pouring rain.

I think my alarm went off around then.

Anyway--I thought I'd share that!

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