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NaNo, CSI, and LOST

My NaNo count is now: 9789 words. Almost 10,000! Which is almost...1/5 of the count I need. However, every day I write more, which is all to the good. Perhaps I'll catch up this weekend.

And now that you're behind the cut, I'm not going to talk much about the fun they're having with the emotional fallout of the death of a cop, or Brass being devestated, or whether Sophia may be at fault.

I'm going to ask WTH?!

Dear Nicky,

Why did you grow that mustache? Is this a "Nick is moving on from his old self" thing? If so, I understand, but please get over this quickly and shave. Even Warrick is teasing you about it.

When you wear protective goggles, it makes you look like Groucho Marx.

Much love and entreaties,


I really didn't see that coming. I thought it would be a semi-fakeout, that Cindy was the death the previews promised.

Ah, Shannon. She strained towards being more than she was, at last, and nearly reached her goal. "Almost gallant," yahtzee63 said in her review, and I think that's a perfect phrase.

Now she and Boone are both dead, and by that fact I am strangely weirded out. Is the goal of all the self-revelation on this island death? Or does it just demand death as sacrifice to usher in new plotlines.

I am, in fact, rather cross that we will now never have more Shannon backstory.

Also, can't wait to see how they save Sawyer. Even taking dehydration, effort, and blood loss into account, it's been three days since he was shot, and there's been plenty of time for that infection to go systemic (which is what it looks like it's done, to me). Ana-Lucia should be right when she says, "He's already dead."
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