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NaNo update, Numb3rs, and PossibleDVDsqueeeee!!!!!

All right. I am writing a bit more each day--by which I mean, the word count I do each day is going up as NaNo progresses. I actually did exactly 2,000 words tonight, for a total of 11,789. Yay me.

I have been surprised exactly twice so far. I mean, I'm still doing plot and plot/character setup stuff, and a lot of that I knew the basic outline of before I started.

But it's a little odd, and the first time this has happened to me so directly, to have the characters walking down a dark, deserted but not sinister street to get in Jim's truck, and suddenly know that there was a nasty surprise waiting there. A flash bomb in the truck.

And then to realize, as Jim used a specific word I had reserved for a later moment in the story, that my subconscious or whatever had just handed me a sweet little red herring along with the exciting BOOM.

Maybe there really is something to this "just sit down and write" stuff.

Oh, I'm not going to say spoilery things about Numb3rs tonight, just going to say that it's really hard to write Blair after watching Charlie. Argh. There will be some serious dialogue rewrites in the editing process, at this point.

And now, drumroll please:

TVonDVD informs me that a likely source points to the possible release of Sentinel Season One in 2006!

Obviously, this could in part be rumor. However, it's more than we've had to go on for a long while. Please, please, give me my Sentinel on DVD...!
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