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Things I'm Thankful for (a day late):

A purely random list, because I have so much to thank God for that I could go on for days.

--My family, who support me in my pursuit of my dreams.

--Friends who have let me into their lives, and shared their struggles with me, and allowed me the privilage of standing with them.

--Food, a job, an apartment, and money to buy Christmas presents, none of which I had at this time last year. I spent this Saturday last year standing in line at the welfare office to apply for food stamps because I was literally down to my last $30. Now I have everything I need, I just spent over $100 on presents and have money in my savings. God is incredibly good.

--Books, movies, TV shows...good storytelling in general. Makes life so much more worth living!

--My fellow fans, esp. the LICC writers, the I-Man Virtual Season team, my LJ friends, and everyone I correspond with. Community is wonderful.

--My new Internet!

--My new desk, which I splurged on!

--The writers of CSI, who just turned some of the show's basic setup on its head in midseason--a bold move that should pay off in some serious character work. Yes! I'm creeped out, and thrilled, and really looking forward to new eps.

Okay, stopping now before I start listing things like hot water. :-)
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