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Fanfic snippet by way of BabelFish...

Gakked from lizamanynames:

Take a snippet of one of your fics, go to BabelFish and translate into another language, then back to English. Post the result, and see if anyone can guess which fic it was from.

Also, laugh.

This went from English to Pourtugese and back again.

The river likes its lições piloting better when herself has the bridge all of serenity. This means or is filled with earth or in the port, because the Evil says that it was still has much to learn, but the river it does not occupy. It can only see its professor real when to another one it is not there. "the first ruler to pilot is..." Its voice is its right. Tècnica, of the river cos-pilot still. The first ruler to pilot is love, the river thinks, but the laudering and the Evil had never agreed to that words if to use, uniform when they said on the accurate same a thing. "confidence," answers dutifully. A fraction turns its head, looking at with the veil of its hair. If to blink too much hardly, everything that it will see is congealed plastic the empty chair and dinosaurs in its March through the console. The right now, laudering is there.

*snickering helplessly*

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