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Busy weekend, sorta

I did a lot of somewhat unusual (for me) things this weekend:

Went with several friends to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Thursday night, then went out to a very early breakfast (yay for 24-hour diners) with the same group of friends, where we discussed the film until about 4:30am. Went home, slept, and still got to work at 11am Friday morning.

For those who also watch, Numb3rs was excellent this week. Kudos to the writers, and to the cast--especially David Krumholtz and Diane Farr. This show is at its best when it tackles the cases through the characters.

Then, a friend from university called me. She and her husband and baby girl were in L.A. on vacation, and did I want to go to Disneyland with them, as they had an extra free ticket?

I like Disneyland, so of course I went. It was good seeing this friend again--it had been a couple of years. She'd read Harry Potter in the meantime, so there was discussion of that, as well as much cooing over her little girl (who is adorable and a spunky little twerp).

Yesterday I went to an earlier service at my church, and had brunch with some friends afterwards (well, friends now; and it's still weird to be "friends" with a couple in their 50's, but hey, they're really cool), and much movie talk and God talk ensued.

I am feeling good today, in spite of a mild caffine-related or stress-related headache. Hope it lasts. Also, since my NaNo count for the last 4 days is 264 words, I am desperate to do more writing on that. Maybe the long Thanksgiving weekend will give me a chance to catch up. :-P
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