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AAAUUUGH! and thanksgiving

Okay, if you all are wondering where I've been, it's not just the pleasantness of Thanksgiving dinner with friends. The modem on my laptop is either shot, or Windows needs reloading, blah blah techspeak. So I am not currently online on my computer, nor shall I be in the near future, ie this weekend.

*primal scream*

/frustrated computer user.

Okay, now to repair my attitude. :-) Some things I'm truely thankful for:

--Cooler weather in my city.

--All my wonderful family members, and the fun I had talking to you when you called yesterday morning. I have the bestest family ever.

--Books. Just because they're the best way of passing stories along, and they do not require modems or power sources (other than daylight).

--Hot water in my shower!

--Friends with whom I may be open, and may show my weaknesses; something I once thought I'd never have.

--"I came that they might have life, and that more abundantly." The grace and love and healing that the Lord Jesus brought to mankind, to me and mine, when he came and lived and died and conquered death! Hallelujah!

--Patient Dell technical support people. :-)

There's a million more things, but right now I have some email to catch up on, dinner to make, and NaNo to write on.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it.
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