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NaNo update, and a request for my flist - Light One Candle

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November 28th, 2005

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03:36 pm - NaNo update, and a request for my flist
NaNoWriMo word count, as of about midnight last night: 25,659.

I am clearly not going to "win". Ah well. I've learned a lot, and it's progressing well. I certainly mean to have several thousand more words in before the end of the month.


The request regards kerravonsen's Finish-a-thon. Each participant listed from 3 to 10 plot ideas/stories that they would be willing to finish (or finally write) for this ficathon. Those lists have been compiled into polls--and I, like many, have opted to have voting on my ideas open to anyone who happens by.

Here's the list of my ideas,
Fandom(s): Lost/CSI
Description: "Private Ghosts." Sara Sidle was on Flight 815 when it crashed. "Sara-with-no-last-name huddled next to the fire, arms wrapped around her knees for warmth, and tried very hard not to believe in ghosts."
Type: gen
Rating: PG, probably

Fandom(s): Harry Potter/CSI
Description: The CSI team are witches/wizards, part of a new branch of the Aurors who are trained in dealing with magical trace elements, spell identification, etc. Now they’ve been assigned to investigate the scene of the battle in the department of Mysteries, to determine the exact charges against the captured Death Eaters, the culpability of any of the vigilantes who fought them, and to confirm or deny the presence of Sirius Black during the battle and his role in it.
Type: gen, though I reserve the right to hint at 'ships. Avatar fic, of a sort.
Rating: PG

Fandom(s): Firefly/The Sentinel/The Invisible Man (sorta)
Description: "Number Our Days." Blair wakes up on board Serenity. Where is he, what's going on, what secrets are his hosts/captors hiding from him--and most importantly, where's Jim?
Type: gen, with a possible side of het
Rating: PG-13.
NOTE: This is a three-part story--I'd be working on the first part, "Here, Today."

Fandom(s): The Sentinel (AU)
Description: "The Source of Forgiveness." An incident two years before robbed Jim of his mobility, and Blair of his life. In the midst of a life as paralyzed as his body, the Sentinel will be given one more chance to find healing. But with Blair not there to offer forgiveness, how can Jim forgive himself? [inspired by the second chapter of the Gospel of Mark]
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom(s): The Invisible Man (2000 version)
Description: "That's a Great Idea!" Darien has a bad habit of prank-calling stuffy FBI Agent Jones when he's bored. It starts to seem paricularly bad when Darien and Hobbes fall into an ambush, and Jones may be the only one who can rescue them.
Type: gen
Rating: PG-13

Fandom(s): Firefly
Description: "The Nameless Seeker." Shepherd Book is telling a fairy tale to the children at Haven, the tale of a soldier who served dark forces, and then turned his back on them to seek out the name they had stolen from him long before.
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom(s): Sandman/Alias
Description: Just before the opening of season three. Seven pivotal encounters between Alias characters and the Endless: Death and Will Tippin; Delirium and Nadia; Destruction and Lauren; Desire and Irina; Despair and Vaughn; Destiny and Sloane; Sydney and Dream.
Type: gen, I think
Rating: PG - PG-13 .

Surf through them; if one takes your fancy, head on over to the POLLS, find my name, and vote for that story. Voting ends Friday (Australian time, since our coordinator is based there).

This ad has been paid for by the Commitee for Public Opinion. Thank you. :-)
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Date:November 29th, 2005 01:57 pm (UTC)

Question from the LJ-impaired

So, um, how do you vote? Not that I really need to, 'cause you know--you just KNOW--which one I want you to write (along with its sequel). But I want it to show up. *pout*

Help for the LJ illiterate?

[User Picture]
Date:November 29th, 2005 05:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Question from the LJ-impaired

Uhoh. I wasn't thinking--LJ polls are only votable by signed-in LJ users. I just checked the FAQ. :-P

Maybe they'll let me cast a vote on your behalf. Shall I ask?
[User Picture]
Date:November 29th, 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Question from the LJ-impaired

I'll have to say no -- it's too hard to keep track of.
[User Picture]
Date:November 29th, 2005 09:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Question from the LJ-impaired

That's cool. :-) I'll just add this to my list of reasons why V. needs to get her own LJ. *looks sideways at V.*
[User Picture]
Date:November 29th, 2005 10:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Question from the LJ-impaired

Heh heh heh. Someone else's turn.

[User Picture]
Date:November 29th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
Some interesting ideas. Voted.


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