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The end of NaNoWriMo...for this year

Well, the alloted 30 days have passed. My novel stands at a slightly shameful 28,080 words. I had really hoped to get further on it.

Perhaps this will be motivation for me to actually do more next year, when I am planning to NaNo again.

1) I was right about writing without a detailed outline--I tend to ramble. Or at least, I let characters ramble on to each other. Occasionally that produces some fun stuff, but I know there will be cutting and pasting and moving around when I edit. Bleh.

2) I was wrong about not being able to write with a very sketchy idea of where I'm going. Which is a useful thing to know, frankly. As long as I have an idea of the ending and a few points I need to hit, my subconscious and I can get from A to B just fine.

3) I need to actually set time aside and stick to it. If I want to get anything done, anyway.

4) They say to bio even your secondary characters. That may be good advice, but oddly, my secondary characters gave themselves personalities. Especially narcotics cop Brock, who startled me first with his swearing, and then by the laid-back way he handled seeing Jim have a sensory episode. Heh.

5) Weird word combinations come out of writing this fast--I think "surprisingly synchronous" was the find yesterday. Totally not something Jim would think either.

6) I had a lot of fun.

Okay. I'm not quite half-way through the story, I think. There is still a good deal of plot to work through before we get to the climactic part of the story, and the angsty angsty ending (j/k). And I'm going to have to start working on my Finishathon story soon, plus I need to get back to working on my screenplay.

Maybe I'll try to keep working on it, off and on, through December. Because I'm kind of on a roll, and the more I write of the middle part, the easier it will be to eventually finish the thing.

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