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I'm off on vacation.... [plus: the story of the Christmas cards]

Hey, all! I'm going to be visiting my family for the next week, and will probably not have access to LJ during that time. Email, yes, so if you need/want to get in touch with me, email and I should be able to respond at least briefly.

Hope everyone has a great week! Go see Narnia!


This is a slightly odd story.

My roommate was cleaning house and put some of my things back in my bedroom, namely: a plastic bag full of my almost-finished Ravenclaw scarf and another bag full of...Christmas cards.

I looked at the cards, and they were definitely not mine. Most of them were unused, and there was a pen in the bag, as if someone had packed them up to take somewhere and fill out. I asked my roommate, but they weren't hers; and she called her friend Brian who'd come over this week, but they weren't his. Even stranger, the couple of cards that were written in were signed with a non-English symbol of some kind.

Finally, my roommate said that she had really though they must be mine, since they were right next to my knitting bag...and a light went on in my head. While standing in line for Goblet of Fire, I'd been right behind a young Arab guy who was filling out cards. He left the bag to mark his place in line when he left to go get coffee or somesuch, and I guess my friends picked it up along with the rest of our stuff when the line started to move!

We stole his Christmas cards. :-P I feel like the Grinch.
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