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Here I am again!

...making a random I'm-back-from-my-trip post. :-)

I had a really good time with my family. How can I tell? Because I was very very homesick for the first couple of days back down here. *sigh* I particularly miss the littlest girl, my mom, and my dad (who is so cool). But there was much Christmasy fun while I was there, including good food, presents (yay for Christmas music, Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack, and clothes shopping on my mom's budget not mine), and driving around town to see all the Christmas lights.

Don't think it ever got above 35 degrees Farenheit, though. Coooolllldddd. Most nights it was about 10 below freezing, most days it hovered right around freezing and was quite foggy (odd for my hometown in winter, actually). Coming back to 70s weather in LA was bizarre.

I also saw a lot of old friends this time around. I think I needed that, and I think they enjoyed it, but still every time I go back I realize why I can't live in my hometown. I've never really fit there. Not that I fit in LA, either (lol), but I fit a bit better here, I think--or at least I know I have a calling here. "A stranger in a strange land...."

And Christmas is coming. I hope it's a good one; I feel the need for some serious joy right about now. Lord Jesus...?

My aunt's brother died a couple of days ago of drug overdose. She and my uncle are really awesome Christian people (she's the one who was miraculously healed last year), but her family is a mess. This is going to be really hard on her, and that means it'll be hard on her daughters who just came back from college for Christmas.

I hope I can help somehow, I'm just not sure how to go about it.
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