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A few ramblings re: Numb3rs.... - Light One Candle

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December 22nd, 2005

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01:11 pm - A few ramblings re: Numb3rs....
In spite of the fact that this show occasionally lets slip huge plot holes, and really isn't that revolutionary an idea for a procedural, it still has found an audience...and I keep watching every week, and I keep enjoying it.

I watched "Bones of Contention" last night, having taped it while I was away, and was deeply annoyed that it took Charlie-math to figure out that Hill might be back at the site of the original find. Seriously, even if Charlie and Megan were too absorbed in other bits of the case to think of that right off, Don's a very good agent. He should have at least checked the location of the "crime" that started it all (which they did know by then).

And it just makes it worse that I think the plot hole was left sheerly so Charlie could show off some "math-fu" (term lifted from episode recaps at Fandom_Talk). *eyeroll* The use of math in the next episode, the arson one, was handled much more believeably.

It was neat that Larry had a dinner party for his friends...but where was Megan at this party? :-) Come on, writers! Don't drop the cutest possible couple on the show so fast!

Also, a little thrown by Larry's whole "I'm selling my house" thing. This is Larry who buys old cars, and loves old stories, and has a lot of stuff (as was commented on by Charlie). I wish he'd said why...because as it stands (though I tend to buy wholesale anything Peter MacNichol says in this role) I'm wondering if it was purely to echo the thematic elements of getting rid of old things. Hmmm.

Interesting that religion actually came up this episode. I've been quite curious about whether any of the characters hold to faith, and bet my money on it being Larry, if anyone. It appears that no one holds to a specific faith--at least, they aren't admitting to it. I think I want to write an angsty, h/c fic where Larry turns out to be a believer in all the ways that matter. He certainly seemed to have a neat perspective on how life ("reality") and faith should work together.

Amita, too, defends the union of faith and science by pointing to greats like Einstein. Interesting.

There may be a lot of reasons why I like this show, but I think it comes down to the fact that the writers, actors, and characters can give me moments of pure amusement (or can I say joy?) like the end of that episode with Charlie trying to "tackle-hug" Don, and it turning into a mock fist-fight. So much like my brothers. Family showing affection, real, tough-yet-featherlight love.

p.s. i really need a Larry icon...
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Date:December 23rd, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
You know, a lot of their math discussions make me wonder how a mathematician could *not* believe. I think it was the conversation they had one time about pi. Charlie was explaining to . . . was her name Terry? . . . how no one has been able to figure out pi, but it figures into everything from architectural design to the design of a daisy. I'm so not doing the conversation justice, but I just sat there thinking, "Okay, something that ordered canNOT be random happenstance."

Did that make sense?


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