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Christmas notes, plus reactions to SG-1 season 6

I had a good Christmas, overall. Different, to be sure, since I had a roomie who was actually here over the holiday, and went to the house of a couple we're friends with and spent the afternoon cooking Christmas dinner like "grownups" (only not really, because we're all silly geeks unless we're stressing over the roast in the oven).

The three best gifts I recieved were the Serenity DVD and a CSI jigsaw puzzle mystery (both from my roomie), and five home-burned DVDs from V., containing the first two seasons of ReBoot! That was utterly unexpected and I'm very, very thrilled. :-)

First off, may I just say to everyone who told me how cute Jonas was: you are all SO VERY RIGHT. He's pretty, especially with the dimples, and has an air of naivete and of wanting to be liked that is absurdly disarming.

And kudos to the show creators/writers/actors for letting the first few episodes really be uncomfortable. There's no getting around the fact that the dynamic of the group has really changed, and they played that out for us instead of letting it pass and be "assumed".

That said, I find myself missing Daniel at the oddest moments. Throughout "Redemption," I kept feeling that Sam was at loose ends, and it was because Daniel wasn't there to look over her shoulder and be curious and yet boggled by the astrospeak. In "Descent," it really bugged me how Jonas doesn't have to wear glasses, so whenever I see him I think "not-Daniel". Same episode, when the Goauld ship's self-destruct announces the countdown, I half-expected Daniel to translate for them (rather than Teal'c).

Here's a question about the end of "Frozen": we end on the shot of O'Neill being carted off through the Stargate for his temporary joining to cure him. Is this ever brought up again? Do we see/hear anything about it in the next few episodes? Because geez, that's a huge step for O'Neill to take, letting that happen to him. I wanna see the aftermath!

If there isn't canon aftermath, I'll take fic reccs. Please. :-)

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