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*squee*thanks, or, I have such cool friends

Okay, I went back and looked at my Christmas wishlist, and I am feeling very blessed right now, and want to thank the people who were so generous to me. It's not something I tend to expect from people--you all must be pretty darn cool. :-)

From rose_in_shadow: Two beautiful Numb3rs icons.

From whitemartyr: The first "mythology anthology" of X-Files, which contains some of my favorite eps. Wasn't on my list, but oh, am I glad to have it. :-D

From kerravonsen: The second volume of the Babylon 5 soundtracks! Yay! I was thrilled to get a package from Australia, and it's already been played while writing. Thank you so much!

From scionofgrace: a lovely Christmas card.

From my parents, bless them: the newly re-released Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack, which I now know nearly by heart.

From V.-who-has-no-LJ: the first two seasons of ReBoot burned to DVD (*MAD SQUEEEEEEE!*), and earlier, after a three-week postal adventure (go figure, it's Jim and Blair), wolf and pather Beanie Babies.

I don't think I forgot anything here.... Heh.

Thanks to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! I don't deserve you guys, but I'm grateful for you all the same. :-)
Tags: babylon 5, gratitude, num3rs, real life, reboot, the sentinel, x-files

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