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What the hell are we supposed to do now? (aka work crap)

A few closed meetings in higher-up supervisor offices today--but that's normal.

Hearing that my two supers and the super of the department I previously worked in have all quit today--that is most certainly not normal.

Half the reason I'm still at this job is because of my supers. They're kind, generous, and under them we get stuff done. Which means they've been under mondo stress all year, especially this fall, and I guess that either they're bucking the stupidity from higher up in our company (entirely possible), or they're all just worn out.

Our department was already in flux, though; we're in the middle of adding Focus Features to our clients, and clearing up the muddle that left from summer. Hiring new auditors, new tearsheet people, someone to handle making folders (cause SHE quit a month ago).

I don't know what the flipping heck we're going to do. Or what I'm going to do. Maybe I should be off looking for a new job as well. I have a feeling that the shit has hit the fan, and at the very least the projects I'm already behind on are going to become completely lost. *bangs head slowly against desk*

What? I already have a headache from this insanity; can't get much worse today.

And up till now, this was such a nice, stress-free job. Wah.
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