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2006, resolutions, sort of

First let me just note that we are having a heavy-duty rainstorm in LA right now. And I do mean heavy. It woke me up this morning, the streets are turning into shallow rivers, and I bet you the folks in Malibu or otherwise on the coast are worrying about their houses sliding away....

I looked at my resolutions post from last year, and

...how many of them seemed to work themselves out. They weren't really formal, goal-setting things, but general larger goals: see people as themselves and seek the beauty in them, put God at the center of my life more and more, open up to the people I love, finish things I start.

In particular,

--To make a great effort to communicate more of myself to others...it is too easy to simply sit, observe, and listen. Why should I make it harder on my friends and family by attempting to bear all my burdens alone?

which I have not found easy for a long time. Due to choices, circumstances, and a couple of metaphorical slaps-upside-the-head from a good friend, I have started learning how to do that. Thanks be to God.

A couple of these are specific goals:

--Finish at least a full first draft of my murder mystery screenplay "Second Sight."

--Find a way to get more physical exercise.

--Get involved in an intercessory prayer group, preferably Hollywood-focused or LA-focused.

And others are, again, general life directions I need to focus on:

--To look at each person I meet as a person, not a job or annoyance or problem. To see them in all their terror and potential, to always be ready to see what is beautiful in them.

--To be prepared for whatever happens at my workplace, and to not freak out no matter what goes down. Christ is sovereign, and He is with me, and if this means pointing me in a new direction work-wise, then I need to be able to say "Yes, Lord," and follow.

--To learn again, and more, what I learned last year: that I can let go of pain and loneliness and fear, because He really is trustworthy, and He really has/is/will continue to make me holy, and beautiful, and in His image. I love Him like nothing else, but sometimes it's much easier to try and control things by myself.

--To figure out what it means to be a big sister to little sisters, since I only had brothers older than 5 before I left home. Now I've got a preteen sister, and she really values my regard and opinions and it's really weird and cool and new, especially since I see her about twice a year. Heh.

"I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day." 2 Timothy 1:12
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