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Yay! [also, my discovery of the pervasiveness of John Munch]

First of all: my poor laptop computer, which has been down for weeks, is finally working again! Last night I really wanted to type some stuff up, and was peeved that my computer was down, so I turned it on again to see what would happen (previous 5 times I tried that, it had attempted to reinstall Windows and stalled out on me). It reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled Windows, and now I have my computer back!

Yay! Thank God.

Now then. As a fan of Law and Order: SVU (not that I watch it often, as it's too disturbing), I rather like the character of Det. John Munch. I had no idea the character had also appeared, not only in other L&O crossovers, but was a main character on Homicide: Life on the Street, and showed up on The X-Files as well.

I love Wikipedia. Here's John's entry.

I think I may have to look into getting Homicide through Netflix....
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