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I'm going on a vacation...out of LA and everything!

Tomorrow I fly out of LAX, off to my hometown in Oregon for a few days. There I will hang out with old friends (and pass judgment on someone's significant other--he does sound okay, so I'm not dreading the meet), pal around with my family, and see how much time I can spend with my baby sister Lucia, who just turned 1 and whom I have not seen since she was 3 months. Yikes.

I'm told she already enjoys being read to. Mwahahahaha. My influence lingers in that house.

Then it's up to Vancouver, BC, to visit my bestest friend kimberleym and some other university buddies. And to work on my original scripts. Riiiight.

I may or may not have ready access to email while I'm gone, but I will certainly be writing when I have spare moments. kerravonsen, I still don't feel comfortable with Teal'c (hey, still in 1st season), but Sam and Daniel started a discussion in my head a few days ago...there may be a snippet posted in a few days.

*noisy sigh* Must learn GIMP faster. Need new icons. Have about 7 ideas and still not sure how to implement them. Hmph. This is why I'm a writer and not an artist. *eyeroll*

Currently waiting for my laundry to finish, as I am at a stopping place in my packing. I'm amazed that I can still pack in one (large) suitcase and a backpack. Oh, and my laptop case.
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