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Work updates, plus more SG-1 season 6....

First of all, the big celebratory news of the weekend: my roommate, Amanda, has been trying to get a certain job for the last six months. This Friday, she was officially hired!

*mad cheering*

This required going out to a pub Friday night with friends, which was fun, but made me tired Saturday.

Particularly since my soon-to-depart supervisor Richie is apparently trying to clean house around our department before he leaves. I approve of this, but it means staying late and coming in to work a half-day on my weekend. That, while padding the paycheck with a few hours on double pay, is annoying. I am behind on all my little weekend things, like laundry (why does the entire compound have to use our laundry machine on Sunday morning?), grocery shopping, and writing.


On the plus side, there was much watching of SG-1 this morning, while I wait for the laundry room to open up.

Specifically, I'm rather intrigued by "The Cure," since I'm aware of what part tritonen (sp?) will play in the Jaffa storyline, and I'm rather creeped out that it originated not with a Goa'uld queen, but with Egeria, who spawned the Tok'ra.

BTW, had we heard of Egeria before this, in canon? Or am I just projecting from fics I've read?

Oh, and just to complain for a minute: in the episode "Allegiance," Bra'tac is beaten and dragged off by the invisible assassin (ash'rak?). Rather logically, all assume him dead. Later, he reappears, asserting that he was left for dead and that his symbiote healed him as he lay unconscious.

That too sounds logical, until we take into account the methods the assassin used to dispatch other Jaffa and Tok'ra earlier in the storyline: a surgical strike either through the back of the neck, severing the spinal columns of both symbiote and host, or up through the pouch, halving the symbiote and killing the Jaffa carrying it.

No way would a competent assassin leaving Bra'tac, as well known to the System Lords as Teal'c, for dead unless he was sure, and if he had stabbed Bra'tac's symbiote, then it should have been either dead or too wounded itself to help heal him. *snarl* Not many big plot holes in this series, but when they have them, they're glaring.

I'll save the rant about whether O'Neill and the Tok'ra (Kataan? sp?) who saved his life were ever truly blended, since we get contradictory information about motivations in "Abyss" and in "Allegiance."

Tags: real life, review, stargate sg-1, work

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