izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Work update

Not a lot to report.

Friday, there was a meeting for our floor with the personnel woman from upstairs. Danny, tearsheets super, is apparently staying on. (However, I'd talked to him earlier, and he says that's only going to last if the company can deliver the promises they've been making to him. To which I say, HA.) Dora is gone for good, as we thought; she wasn't even mentioned. Oddly, neither was her now-open position.

Richie, the super who was leaving for medical reasons, has agreed (provisionally) to instead take a month's medical leave, remaining available to consult on Real Problems if necessary. If things have settled by then, he says he's coming back. Hmph. I say, he's the type who can't say no, especially when he knows he's the only person who knows all the workings of our dept. inside out, and I just hope this company won't rely on him so much they end up killing him. *facepalm*

The rest of the meeting was about how there are going to be streamlined changed to the way things get done, ways to train temps to help out, ways to gain space, even the promised new computers are supposedly now approved and arriving. (Of course, I asked IT about that, and they hadn't heard a thing.)

What are we supposed to think, honestly? I'm having a very hard time not being totally suspicious of the promises and so forth that are being made. They're not going to work, or they're not going to be followed up on, and what's going to happen then?

Call me cynical, but it's damn easy to lie to employees far enough down the chain.

I'll keep working, but maybe I'll really start looking into other work, now.

Tags: real life, work

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