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Numb3rs, numb3rs everywhere....

Okay, yeah, a couple of random links and yet more random thoughts on this show.

First, I'd just like to say that I am having a very hard time finding LJ icons that feature Larry. *pouts* I will write fic for anyone who makes me a cool/funny/wise Larry icon, or points me to a free-to-grab one that is particularly cool. *borrows Charlie's puppy-dog eyes to beg you all*

I was getting a bit disturbed at the lack of gen fans and gen fic for Numb3rs on LJ. Fortunately, during a Google search, I discovered this mailing list, Numb3r Crunching. It's gen only, with an emphasis on fic writing and episode discussion (rather like a young version of CascadeTimes for The Sentinel). Yay! Finally!

And in conjuction with that, let me present a small but growing archive of gen Numb3rs fic: The CalSci Library. It's run by Wolfpup (for those of you who have visted her Sentinel archive Wolfpup's Den), and has a few rather promising writers in it, particularly case-story-writer Zubeneschamali.

I must confess something. Occasionally, when the mood strikes me or when I am writer's-blocked on a current project, I will turn on my laptop and randomly start writing a angsty, usually action or hurt/comfort, snippet in whatever fandom I'm most obsessed with at the time. Purely for fun. No one ever sees these snippets, until and unless they either spawn or join with another to create a proper story. Well, last night, it was a Numb3rs snippet, and I discoverd something slightly odd: I think it's going to be easier for me to write Larry-pov than any other character on that show. Don's not bad, but also not that easy; I can write fine dialogue for Alan, but pov? um...; and Charlie, while I love him, is NOT EASY, mathgeekthatheis.

Larry's voice, on the other hand, comes easily from some back portion of my brain. The part that speaks profoundly and can get away with using $200 words to do it. :-D

Did I already say I need a Larry icon?
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