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My Fic Meme

Snagged from astrogirl2 (and several others):

Here's a fun meme that's sort of the flip side of that "tell me about my writing style" one.

With several of these, I have no idea whether it's stuff other people notice in my fic, but they seem pretty noticeable to me...

Ten Signs You’re Reading an Izhilzha Fic:

1. It’s under 2,500 words.

2. Or over 20,000.

3. Emotion (and sometimes action) is conveyed by sensory images—not the actions themselves, but by the effect they have on the POV character’s world.

4. The point-of-view is not only tight, it’s as exclusive to the character as possible.

5. It makes much more sense if the reader can recall exact dialogue from an earlier scene or episode.

6. The point of the fic is a specific character revelation, drawn out by plot (hence the episode-relatedness).

7. The theme is loss. Or responsibility.

8. Nearly every line of dialogue is tagged with action from the speaker.

9. It is as close to canon as it is possible to be, characters, relationships, and details.

10. There’s no sex, and very little romance.

There. Tell me if I missed anything obvious. :-)
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