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Sometimes I wish that all of life could be beautiful. It's hard to keep looking for the beautiful in people, in things, in events, when so much of what surrounds us is unmitigatedly dark, evil, and shattered.

It's there...just difficult to see.

I went for a walk last night, right after sunset. Most of the houses in this part of LA are light colors (wise, in the heat), and the sky was pale blue and orange, with clouds streaked across it. The light that was cast over the whole neighborhood was the same: tints of blue, of tan, of grey, fading everything into shades of peace, of quiet, of rest. I usually consider that almost impossible to find in a city near-devoid of natural beauty.

Yet here it was. Momentary, no doubt, but there.

A gift.

It encourages me to keep looking.
Tags: beauty, contemplative, godstuff, los angeles, real life

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