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Life update (plus happiness is good TV storytelling)

Okay. Long, long two days on top of friends having life-crises, and disappointment of my own.

That sounded nice and melodramatic.

A friend of mine was supposed to be returning to Los Angeles this week. Strange legal border-crossing things prevented her from actually getting into the country. She is crushed; I am baffled and disappointed and asking God what on earth is happening.

I did manage to post a mostly-completed story for the Finishathon! Usually I'm one of the people begging for an extension and annoying the life out of whomever is running the ficathon. :-) Yay me.

Work has been swirling in crazy ripples around me. The data entry I've been catching up on has blessedly kept me in my office and working at my own computer most of the week. Friday, however, I was unable to duck the manic boss from upstairs who is cracking the whip over Accounting as we try to catch up on backlog (not our fault, but by golly we're being run into ground anyway). She assigned me to find folders; I decided the most efficient way to do so and went looking; in an office with 3 other people, she cornered me, told me I was doing it "all wrong," told me how to do it, and told me nice and loud. I tried to stay calm and yet be assertive (because I don't care what she said, she knows NOTHING about our floor and my plan was better than hers), and she absolutely would not listen. I got furiously angry, and in an attempt to not say something that would get me fired on the spot, I bit my lip so hard it started bleeding. The guy I was helping came looking for me, and was shocked that I was still so angry my hands were shaking.

I'm so spoiled; my supervisors are never like that.

But I've had the chance this week to help two friends brainstorm stories; a Numb3rs fic heavy on the angst (my angst muse is loving it), and an SG-1/QL idea that I think is utterly brilliant. Ah, bright spots in my days.

Yes, Friday nothing (and I mean all kinds of tiny, stupid things that I would normally do fine with) I did seemed to go right. I didn't think of obvious things, I missed even more obvious things, was late to things I should have been on time for, forgot a friend's birthday, etc, etc, etc...! And this morning I had to go into work, and it was the same sort of thing (though no yelling, so that was good).

Then again, I finally got a beta reading from my new Numb3rs beta, and it was a really good beta, and I am feeling all creative and affirmed. :-)

But I have no idea whether to classify this week as "eeewww" or "okay". Heh. God knows.

My TV shows were interesting, startling, or just plain awesome this week. These are only going to be brief notes, but 'ware spoilers.


Okay, I realize that a lot of people thought this episode was boring; that Charlie has become just creepy; that Eko should know more about Christianity if he's really been passing as a priest this whole time (and putting his heart into it, I would say).

In spite of that, I really thought this was a good episode for Charlie. The other survivors may see him as dangerous or creepy now, but we the viewers know better. He's not even as disturbed as they think, and I really hope Claire is the one to figure this out: remember the last time someone went sleepwalking, the last time someone had dreams about the baby being in danger? It was Claire, while she was still pregnant, and the baby really was in danger.

I say, Charlie's dreams may be vindicated.

Also, Locke creeped me out completely for the first time since the pilot. I want to know why he changed the combination on the armory? Although...he's a bit wacko, but he's not evil. If there's a Jack vs. Locke coming up, I predict it will be that Locke objects to Jack's plan to train the survivors as an army. He's going to take a "live and let live" stance (probably for some good reason that Jack won't acknowledge as reasonable), and hold the guns hostage.


I quit watching this show a while ago. Too much cheesy teen drama for my taste; only when Lex or the Kent parents were the focus could I bring myself to care.

So I'm astonished, sad, and happy that I tuned in to the last 20 minutes of this week's episode. I got to see Jonathan Kent face down Lionel Luthor...and I got to be there when Clark and Martha got home, and when Jonathan died of a heart attack.

He was probably my favorite character on that show, and I'm just, I'm glad I got to see his last moments and pay him the tribute of a couple of tears.


Oh, yeah. Here we go: this is the real thing, the kind of puzzle-solving, Las Vegas-glamor, character-hinting (NO ANVILS) show that I fell in love with. Possibly my favorite episode since October's "Gumdrops."

Didn't hurt that Faye Dunaway guest starred as a famous showgirl and girlfriend of one of the "Founders of Vegas" (oh, sweet, the mob). She was splendid; regal, confident, daring, wearing her riches and fame both visibly and lightly. Watching Greg read her memoirs and totally crush on her whenever they were in a room together was perfectly sweet. [Oh, I need an icon of Greg in that fedora.] Also, watching Grissom shut down her bribery attempt...I adore it when he spars with people like that.

The mystery was interesting. I didn't quite see the finale coming (always fun), but it made a lot of sense, and moved me, something we're often denied on this show where people's motives are often so very sordid. This wasn't noble, really, but it was based on someone clinging to dignity instead of throwing it out the window.


Char-lie and Am-i-ta sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Well, not quite, but I buy them as a potential couple much more now than ever before. The show continues its three-episode streak of adding in backstory for peripherial characters: David in "The OG," Larry in "Double Down," and now Amita in "Harvest."

I've always thought Amita is the kind of person who would be neat to get to know in real life, and this episode proved it. Kudos to the actress for playing all the emotion, but not overplaying it... and to David Krumholtz for his subtle, wordless empathy in the scene where Amita tries to explain to him why this case has her so upset.

They connect on math (and from that, on basic worldview) already; now, they've really connected emotionally (I'm trying to keep from squeeing over the 'kiss,' I really am). Hmmm. Now Charlie just needs to actually manage to take her on a proper date.

Someone needs to make an icon from Don's crack at the end of the episode: "It's his brain everybody wants. We should keep that, put it on Ebay...."

"This is Charlie's brain. This is Charlie's brain on Ebay." *snerk*

And I taped a rerun of 1st season House, M.D. Yay. I shall do some writing, and then I shall watch that.
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