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Work--who needs it?!

Rant beneath the cut.

Okay. The file rooms here (we have 2) have been a mess for the past few months, mostly because I've been kept doing other things, and because there has been NO ROOM to box up files and make space for the new ones. I quietly and consistently informed my supers of this, and they were well aware of it. A decision from on high to send supply storage to live in one of my file rooms really didn't help matters.

Last week I was given two interns (cute college guys, but no tact, I had an amusing time eavesdropping on them) and told to start cleaning up the one file room. Specifically, my super said, "Supplies don't need to be in here. Use the space." So, very pleased, I spent the morning having the interns file in the drawers I cleared out.

Today, I get called into that file room, with my super and one of the managing guys from upstairs. I'm told that supplies need the space, and I wasn't supposed to do that. My super argued on my behalf, since there's no more space, and we tried to figure out where else stuff could go. Nowhere, apparently, since there's no room here, and our exec won't authorize hiring movers to take the few things we could let go to storage. *headdesk* The powers that be here are idiots.

So I now have boxes living in my office, where they should never have come, and I have no place to sort stuff in the file room. I almost hope I do put my back out sorting stuff on the floor (as I threatened, because he was going off about work hazards for people moving supplies), so they'll have to pay me worker's comp.

I spent the next few minutes envisioning minor revenge fantasies, wherein I got injured on the job and they had to both do without me and pay me money. *scowls*

Filing room's not a priority, huh? When someone gets buried under a cascade of razor-edged folders, will it be a priority then? Huh? Will it?


On a slightly happier note, Numb3rs was really good this week.
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