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All right. I'm going on a small artist's retreat this weekend (it's annual; the people who plan it are friends of mine), The Dead Poet's Retreat (guess where we got the name, ha), and will be incommunicado from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday evening or possibly Monday morning.

However, I am still here for the moment, so

One always hears about writing being a way to exorcise one's demons. To an extent, I've always agreed with C.S. Lewis, "Whenever you get fed up with life, start writing. Ink is the great cure for all human ills, as I have found out long ago." But it was always more the act of writing, the act of making images and ideas into words, that worked the magic for me.

Not the content, which is what I have so often heard the emphasis placed on.

At the Christian screenwriting seminar I took a few years back, one of the catchphrases that kept coming up in regards to our writing was, "This is how God is saving me today." That is, that by going into our emotions and talent and telling the deepest and truest stories that we can (not necessarily "real life" ones, mind you), we ourselves benefit, and that this is part of the blessing of our gift as writers.

I really, really never thought that I myself would see any benefit if I ever decided to write stuff that had a closer connection with my own experience. Then I wrote a (yet unposted) Numb3rs fic...and was surprised to find my own mindset shifting past something I had not been able to get through before. And that Firefly fic I recently wrote holds a good deal of my own current thoughts about the human search (and my own search) for self-identity.

Hmm. Maybe all those writers are onto something.

Maybe I should work at letting my writing be more and more from my own depths.

Okay, that's it. :-) As you were.
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