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One show, two shows, old shows, new shows....

Dr. Seuss is like Shakespeare: a quote [ready to be suitably mangled] for any occasion. :-)

No, I haven't yet become obsessed with any new shows. This is good. I don't need the muses besieged by yet more fic ideas. It's quite bad enough as it is.


X-Files reruns at midnight on weekdays, and I watched "Demons" again this week. Good episode. I miss Mulder and Scully!

So I've seen a few episodes before. But now they're rerunning on TVLand at 8am weekday mornings, which means I can watch some before I go to work, if I am so inclined.

I saw part of an episode yesterday in which MacGyver is nearly killed (by which I mean severely injured) by international artifact theives. In the normal world, it's a thriller--the guys who did it are now after his friend Pete, and want to make sure that Mac dies (since he could ID them); on another level, we're inside MacGyver's head as he takes a little black-and-white trip to the near-afterlife, being reunited with his dead parents and grandfather, but eventually realizing that he has to go back, has to live, if he's going to save Pete.

It was medically inaccurate (this is what I get for watching House and Grey's Anatomy), it was cheesy, it was somewhat cliched....

I was riveted.

It must be Richard Dean Anderson. Can't take my eyes off the man. And as MacGyver, he's unbelievably endearing.

I know, V., I've got Northern Exposure to start watching. But there'll be time for MacGyver. Someday.

Or, technically, the mini-series that kicked it off.

Much, much better than I ever suspected it could be. Some fantastic writing, deeply interesting characters (Cmdr. Adama, Boomer, whoever the tech guy is, Madame President), and beautiful sets. Reminds me of Babylon 5 at its best, but sleeker, and packing more of a punch.

Now I want to see more. Also, I want to watch the original series from way back when. I know someone who has the DVDs of that.

Also? I can't stand Starbuck. She just annoys the heck out of me, unless she's interacting with Lee Adama. Anyway.
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