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Review: Nightwatch

Wow. Good weekend for old and new fannish stuff!

First, a film I want to highly recommend to any of you who like classy, disturbing, philosopical fantasy (and don't mind subtitles). Nightwatch is apparently based on the first of a popular fantasy trilogy in Russia--their "Lord of the Rings," my friend says. The idea of making a film was argued over, spit on, applauded, and finally it got made.

I'm telling you (especially you, whitemartyr), go see this film, if it's anywhere near you.

It's got the taste of high fantasy, set in our present day. According to this mythology, there are "Others" among us--witches, seers, vampires, shape-shifters, you name it. Long ago, when the battle between Light and Dark Others threatened to destroy everything, their leaders signed a truce. The Light Others became the Nightwatch, making sure the Dark Ones don't break the treaty (ie, they leave humans alone); conversely, the Dark Others established the Daywatch, to do the same thing.

I don't want to give away the plot, which has some neat twists, but add in a large dose of tension, seriously cool action scenes, creative world-building, solid acting, intriguing characters, brilliant editing, and a large (terribly Russian) dose of moral/psychological ambiguity, and you have an intense, gritty, and sweeping film.

I really want to know if the trilogy of novels has been translated into English yet. I'd go buy them in a heartbeat.

Seriously. Go see this, if it's within driving distance.

*sigh* I have a feeling that, while I am going to miss Jonas when he's gone, I'm going to be glad to have Daniel back. I realized this when, after a few weeks without watching SG-1, I put in the last season 6 disc...and was startled to see Jonas instead of Daniel. Yeah.

I forgot how much I tend to enjoy episodes written by Christopher Judge. I have issues with a couple of the ideas used in "The Changeling" (the title being one), but overall it was a good idea with some very cool details, and I enjoyed it. I particularly loved Daniel masquerading in Teal'c's dream as the hospital psychologist. It just fit, somehow.

And Teal'c, swapping the symbiote between himself and Bra'tac for 3 days.... He really is a hero. Sometimes I forget that, a little.

Still have 2 episodes to watch. "Prophecy" looks like it involves Jonas, yay. I've actually seen "Full Circle" before, way before I knew what was going on in it, but I recall being disgusted by at least one plot twist. We'll see if, now acclimatized to the Ascended and so on, I change my mind as I re-watch it.
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