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Random bragging :-P

Okay. My Firefly (well, post-Serenity) fic Flying Lessons has gotten quite a lot of reviews--and a record number of hits, for me--since I put it up on fanfiction.net. I put that down to the popularity of the fandom, and to the fact that I posted the fic two weeks after the movie opened.

Well, today I figured out the other reason.

Amusing myself for a few minutes, I googled my online handle izhilzha. Among various other things, an online newsletter called "Firefly Talk" came up. In Issue #4, the Fanfic Review section contains just one entry: Flying Lessons.

I got recc'd on a newsletter.

I am dazed by the fame. *g*

That's all; as you were.
Tags: bragging, firefly, my fics, rec, serenity

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