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LICC: Never Fade Away, part XV

Note: darmok47, please let me know if I abused a certain character. :-) I'll rework, but I really wanted to post this, seeing how late it is!

I know, I know; this took forever, and I didn't quite know where it was going till I was writing it. :-)

Never Fade Away, part XV

by izhilzha


Artsy’s hair and eyes flashed annoyed rust-orange. For a long moment she stood there, one hand gripping her former shipmate’s arm, and then she stepped back and folded her arms. “What are you doing here? Besides making money off our team’s good name?”

In the back of her mind, she cast a sending out. Are you sure he was here?

There was a lag, maybe Seeker checking, or finishing a conversation with Quito, and then, SURE, CERTAIN, POSITIVE. THE OBNOXIOUS ONE WAS NOT {APPARENTLY} WITH HIM.

A thread of pink amusement traced through Artsy’s hair.

Enesku tossed her head and struck a pose. “I’m protecting these people. What are you doing here?” Then she frowned and leaned forward, eyeing Artsy with frank curiosity. “Aren’t you supposed to be missing, or dead or something?”

Artsy spread her hands. “You tell me.”

Enesku raised a wary eyebrow. “You don’t look like you were dead, unless you found some way to get a new body or reanimate your old one. And I guess you’re not missing completely, though I bet your man would disagree.” She smirked.

“Have you seen Kieran?” Pale, anticipatory blue nearly washed out the orange in Artsy’s hair. “Was he here?”

Enesku shrugged. “Not that I know of.” The young woman lifted her chin. “And I know everything that happens on this little planet.” She turned her back on Artsy and beckoned to the innkeeper, who had been watching the exchange nervously.

Artsy grabbed her arm again, and yanked her around. “Seeker spotted him on this planet—in this town. Are you sure you haven’t seen him?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I suggest you find someone else to fill in for him, if you’re so desperate for smoochies.” Enesku easily pulled her arm away, and turned to accept the innkeeper’s money.

ASK HER SHALL I? The sending was slightly too eager for Artsy’s taste.

Not yet. I don’t want to make an enemy out of her unless I have to.

All that came back was SKEPTICISM.

Artsy smiled a little and shook her head. Can’t you pinpoint the last location you sensed Keiran in?


Enesku’s minions scattered out through the door. Their leader stopped, head cocked, and then asked, “Aren’t you coming, Artsy?”

“Where?” Artsy stared her down. “The only reason I’m here is to find Keiran.”

The other woman snorted a laugh. “Now he’s the one missing! This is truly doomed romance you two have going.”

“You can help me.” Artsy was as surprised as Enesku as those words tumbled out of her mouth. “You’ve been here for a while. So was Keiran, Seeker thinks. He’s not here now, but we don’t know where he may have been or where he left the planet.”

Enesku sighed. “I’ve got a lucrative–and heroic!–business to run here, Arts. I can’t run around hunting down delinquent boyfriends.”

DOING ARE YOU WHAT? Seeker demands.

Hush. This might work. Artsy clears her throat and stands to attention. “What would be a fair trade? I work for you a while, and you help me figure out what Keiran’s been doing here and why he left?”

“Really?” Enesku walked in a circle around Artsy, looking her over like a drill sergeant with a new recruit. “What happened to ‘our team’s good name’?”

“I want to find Keiran. And it doesn’t look like you’re hurting anybody.” Artsy’s eyes and hair shimmered between nervous blue-green and daring dark red. She thrusts a hand out to shake. “What do you say?”

Enesku grabbed it and shook firmly. “I say we’ve got a deal. Let’s go!” She donned her helmet and dashed out the door.

Artsy let out a long sigh. Then, ignoring Seeker’s wave of DISAPPROVAL, she followed.

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