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Work update

Okay. For those who have followed my recent work drama.... :-)

So I stayed at my job, and things let up a little. The management started hiring temps, and some of the work started getting done around me. That was nice. Kind of a relief. :-)

Then Richie, the second super who went to part-time for medical reasons, left on Friday. Along with Gina, a fellow Harry Potter fan who'd been doing billing longer than I've been here.

So Richie gone means that Michael (finace guy) and I are left with some responsibilities that he used to take care of. Also, I've been doing things that are not technically part of my job description--basically just to help out during the catch-up time we're going through.

I just spent an hour on a conference call with people from upstairs and the company whose ad software we use, trying to figure out what we're doing now that they're upgrading, and so forth. It was exhausting. I've decided I hate conference calls.

But the direction I see my job going right now, I think I'm going to need to ask the upstairs boss about changes to my job description, hiring me an assistant, and/or a pay raise.

Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do.

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