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And we pass imperceptibly from one year into another....

At least this much I know is true: "The LORD your God carried you, just as a man carries his son, in all the way which you have walked, until you came to this place." [Deuteronomy 1:31]

I didn't really make formal resolutions last year, that I can recall, and so many things have grown and changed as I adjust to life on my own in L.A. that they would hardly apply any more anyway. So this year I'll just list some of the things I know still need to change or grow or be transformed in my self and in the way I live my life.

--To look at each person I meet as a person, not a job or annoyance or problem. To see them in all their terror and potential, to always be ready to see what is beautiful in them.

--To finish the things I start.

--To make a great effort to communicate more of myself to others...it is too easy to simply sit, observe, and listen. Why should I make it harder on my friends and family by attempting to bear all my burdens alone?

--To do whatever it takes to readjust my life so that my Lord is at the center, as He should be. Not out of obligation or pressure from church, but simply because I am so much happier when I am always aware of His presence, His power, His love.

I'll make my first fannish post of 2005 soon. For now, Happy New Year, all!
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