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Somewhat random writerly musings.

I found a file on my computer containing the first lines of all the fic I posted during 2005. It's interesting to see all of them next to each other like, and to note the differences in how I begin stories, depending on what I want to do with it.

The skin was smooth, unmarked and unbroken.

In a military op, you can’t anticipate every situation.

Sometimes Daniel thinks that the first translation team got closer to the essence of the word.

Here, in the olive grove, sheltered by the low, dark branches, it should not be this cold.

“Shift’s over, huh?” you whisper, and only when the words echo back from the empty corners of the break room do you realize you’ve spoken them aloud.

Gil Grissom woke sharply.

Jack O'Neill tore a piece of flatbread and dipped it into the spicy stew in front of him.

Sara Sidle rested her elbows on the table, and pressed the heels of her hands against her eyes.

Crime Lab Director Conrad Ecklie stared at the mound of unsorted papers that buried his desk.

This stuffy politician, John Ruskin, once wrote "government and co-operation are in all things the laws of life."

Gusts of wind tugged at his fur.

River likes her piloting lessons best when she has Serenity’s bridge all to herself.

Jim Ellison woke to the distinct feeling that something was wrong.

I got off work early today (thank God), after wrapping up the loose ends from a kidnapping case.

The text on the monitor slid into a blur.

--I seem to have two general ways of begining a fic: either a start with the full name of the main character, or some action/state of being/state of though which includes that name; or I give a more abstract action/description which doesn't connect to a character in that first line.

--The few times when I intro a story using 1st person should be noted as well, though one of them is an I-Man story, and thus voiceover quotations should be expected.

--I like active verbs. Hmmm.

--Which fandom I'm writing makes no difference as to what form I choose to use for a fic (though again, that virtual season I-Man fic is an exception).

--I kind of like to start "in medias res." Even when it's quite near the beginnng of the story I want to be telling, it's still not the very beginning. Now that could be a product of writing fic rather than original stuff, and filling in blanks.

And that's all I can think of for now!
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