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Crazy Character Meme, answers pt. 1

I got enough questions from you all that I'm going to have to split this up! :-) Wow, this is fun.

From kerravonsen:

Harry Maybourne (#4), Blair Sandburg (#7) or Molly Weasley (#10) (improbably) comes to your workplace/school and you are in charge of "babysitting" them for the day. Which one would you pick, and what would you do?

I’d have to pick Blair—I don’t want Maybourne near my workplace, and Molly would be so helpless and dear that we’d get nothing done. So I’d probably make Blair keep me company while I do the more annoyingly dull tasks at work. He’s got no problem talking, and if he gets bored, he can sort things for me and stuff like that. We’d probably cut work early (noonish) and go have lunch and walk somewhere, or I’d take him to the Illiad, which is an awesome used bookstore near my workplace.

What do you think the favourite ice cream flavours (or sundaes) of all 15 characters would be?

I just know some of these must have canon favorites, and I’m probably going to botch them.

Jack O’Neill—Rocky Road
Greg Sanders--bubblegum
Samantha Carter—chocolate (any variety, but no caramel)
Harry Maybourne—Lemon sherbet
Larry Fleinhardt—also vanilla, which fits in with his “white food” thing
Blair Sandburg—whatever’s new at Baskin-Robbins
Jeffery Sinclair--strawberry
Castillar dy Cazaril—French vanilla
Molly Weasley--
Simon Banks--mocha
Walter Skinner--praline
Jim Ellison—depends on whether his senses are behaving; he prefers it homemade, regardless
Susan Ivanova—whatever is made with real flavors, not synthetic ones (I wonder if she ever had one of the restaurants on B5 make her espresso-flavored ice cream from her “illegal” coffee beans).
Hoban Washburn—mixed fruit; maybe blackberry, if they have it out there.

Jack O’Neill (#1) kills Castillar dy Cazaril (#9): how and why did he/she do it? Was it an accident or murder?

Goodness; I guess that depends on whether Jack somehow got himself transported to Chalion (no! No xover plot bunnies!) or whether Cazaril wound up with SG-1. I think I’ll go with the first scenario.

Honestly, these guys would in many ways get along quite well, so I’m going to have to assume that Jack kills Cazaril either in self-defense (in which case Cazaril mistook him or his intentions), or else because Jack is really weirded out by the Chalion religion, possibly even mistaking some sign of the gods for Goa’uld weirdness. Jack would use his gun, if he has it. If not, well, he’s a good hand-to-hand fighter, and a tad younger (mmm, I think, anyway) that Cazaril.

Huh. I see I didn’t even consider “accident” in the sense of, whoops, Jack spooks Cazaril’s horse and it throws him…. Wonder what that says about me (or my perception of Jack, eek).

Samantha Carter (#3), Larry Fleinhardt (#6) and Hoban Washburn (#15) are running against each other in an election. What would be the position they were running for, how would the campaign go, and who would win?

You ask the worst questions! Hee.

Okay. They’re all part of an astrophysicist’s role-playing group online, and they’re electing a new leader (G.M. or whatever). The campaign strategies would be broad—Sam would appeal to other women in the group, and play up her technical capabilities; Larry would be friendly and also technical, but tend to veer into obscure philosophical tangents; and Wash, the laid-back pilot, would play up his enthusiasm and people skills. Wash would win, with Sam coming in a close second.

Two characters (out of Greg Sanders #2, Samantha Carter #3, Eowyn #5, Larry Fleinhardt #6 and Jim Ellison #13) have to work together (to save the universe, to solve a crime, whatever) which two would you pick? What would happen?

Jim Ellison and Greg Sanders have to work together to solve a crime—Blair’s kidnapping (what else could it be, I ask you?). Jim is using his senses, basically doing intuitive crime scene investigation, and Greg is astonished and rather frustrated, not to mention intimidated by Ellison on the warpath. Eventually they quit arguing as much when Greg manages to re-interpret a piece of evidence and point them in the right direction, and Greg even manages to play “guide” for Jim as he helps them track down the kidnapper and rescue Blair.

What has Simon Banks (#11) taught you about Life?

Simon has taught me that sometimes trust means going forward even when you really don’t understand what’s going on—and that sometimes, friendship means not caring whether you ever find out.


Jack O’Neill (1) & Eowyn (5) are both up for the same job. What is it, who gets it, and how does the loser take it?

Command of some crazy, necessary-but-possibly-suicide mission. Jack gets it because of experience. Eowyn is angry that she didn’t get it, and blames it on her being a woman.

Cazaril (9) & Wash (15) are stuck in a lifeboat at sea with no rescue in sight. How good are their odds of survival, and which one starts eyeing the other speculatively first when the food runs out?

Their chances of survival might be pretty good; Cazaril knows the sea a bit. I’m afraid—strictly for the humor quotient, you understand—that it must be Wash who starts eyeing his companion when the food runs out…complete with cartoony walking-drumstick hallucinations.


Samantha Carter (3), Blair Sandburg (7), Cazaril (9), and Susan Ivanova (14) have decided to rent a movie from Blockbuster. What do they decide to get and is everyone happy with that selection?

They all originally pick different films: Sam wants Singing in the Rain, Blair is in a mood for action (of all kinds) and wants a James Bond movie, Susan picks out Nightwatch (subtitled, since only she speaks Russian), and Cazaril (bemused by the idea of film) finds The Seventh Seal.

They compromise on Ladyhawke, which the girls insist that Cazaril must see. Blair goes along because he likes Michelle Pfieffer, Sam mocks the ‘80s soundtrack, Susan snarks right along with the character Mouse, and Cazaril is riveted by this story of evil curses broken by love. :-D


Greg Sanders (2), Samantha Carter (3) & Larry Fleinhardt (6) meet in a bar; who starts the fight, and who wins it? ;)

Bwah! It’s an intellectual fight, not a physical one. Greg starts it by trying to impress Sam with scientific knowledge, it escalates into comparisons of astrophysics theories once Larry gets into it, and Larry wins…but only because even tipsy, Sam knows she can’t reveal classified information.

Wash (15) and Blair Sandburg (7) face a situation where one of them has to sacrifice him/herself for the other; who does what?

I might as well set this within my already existing crossover. At this point, Blair is out of his own time, thinks he is alone, and has no idea Jim is also in that century. He’d sacrifice himself for Wash, who has a wife and shipmates and a sharp sense of wit. I can hear Blair obfusticating grandly to the bad guys, getting them to send Wash as a messenger and keep him, because of course he, Blair, has all the information they’re looking for.

Come up with a reason for Harry Maybourne (4) to betray either Jim Ellison (13) or Jack O’Neill (1).

Best. Character. Combo. So. Far. This could be fic. (Correction, this is already both fic and canon.)

Let’s see. I think it’s entirely possible that someone could discover a secret from Harry’s past which they could use to force him to betray both (heh). Harry tips Jack off to Jim and his powers; the SGC tries to recruit him and Blair; and then Harry uses that contact to set Jim up for whoever is holding his leash (probably NID).

I’m sure it’s been written.

Eowyn (5), Jeffery Sinclair (8), Cazaril (9), Molly Weasley (10), Simon Banks (11), Walter Skinner (12) and Susan Ivanova (14) are the crew of a Federation starship; who is the Captain, the Doctor, the Vulcan, the engineer, the security officer, the pilot and the communications officer?

Jeffery Sinclair--Captain
Cazaril—Vulcan (can’t you see that?)
Molly Weasley--Communications
Simon Banks --Security
Walter Skinner—Engineer (he and Susan fought over who got to be pilot)
Susan Ivanova—Pilot

Whew! Okay, onto the rest of the questions. *rolls up sleeves, gets to work*
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