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Crazy Character Meme, answers pt. 2

All right, here are the rest of my answers to your questions! Hope they amuse you. :-)


Jack O’Neill (1), Greg Sanders (2), and Samantha Carter (3) find themselves sitting next to each other on those horrible plastic chairs in the waiting area of the DMV. Each has a high call number, and nobody has brought reading material or another diversion. Who begins to strike up a conversation first, and what do they talk about?

Hmmm. I can see Greg and Sam striking up a conversation—Greg’s a curious sort, so he might want to know what two military personnel are doing at the DMV together. In fact, I wonder if that might lead into areas that would force Sam to reference a cover story. Greg might just keep chatting, or he might spot a fib, and keep asking questions, and then Jack might be forced to jump in and change the subject. “So, you watch the Simpsons?”

I keep getting Sam and Greg in the same questions. I refuse to ‘ship them.

Larry Fleinhardt (6) and Jeffery Sinclair (8) are suddenly stuck in a broken elevator. Describe the following few minutes.

Neither is prone to panic, so after a few seconds I expect they’d settle down to wait for the elevator to get fixed. Larry would start talking about physics, and that would lead straight into a philosophical discussion. String theory wends its way close to the old argument about determinism vs. free will, and I have a feeling these two could have a civil but spirited discussion on that or other topics.

Eowyn (5), Molly Weasley (10) and Wash (15) are in a local branch bank when a masked robber bursts in, waving a pistol which may or may not be loaded and/or real. What happens?

Wash and Eowyn would both get very quiet—Wash out of sensible fear, Eowyn because she’s sizing up the situation. Molly, not recognizing the gun as a real weapon, would loudly object to the robber’s behavior, and the gunman would threaten her.

While he is distracted by Molly, Eowyn would seize her chance and attack him. The gun goes off, but with a push from Wash (and a little Shield Spell, I’m sure), Molly isn’t hurt. Eowyn has captured the robber and is pleased; Molly is slightly stunned and then unmasks and starts scolding the man; Wash collapses in relief, and make several bad jokes in a row.


Is Blair Sandburg (7) really that much sexier than Castillar dy Cazaril (9)?

No. They’re both somewhat sexy (and in similar ways, both being scholars, loyal, honorable)—but Cazaril’s older appearance and his spirituality might tip the scales in his favor.

If Susan Ivanova 14 had Blair Sandburg 7 alone in a room, what would happen?

*snerk* If Susan finds him attractive, then for once Blair’s not going to be the one taking the initiative.

On the other hand, if he’s too short for her tastes, I can imagine them sitting around and telling each other wild and funny stories, while Susan drinks Blair under the table.

Is it really true love between Jack O’Neill (1) and Samantha Carter (3)? Could it ever be?

Wow, another incredibly apt pairing.

I don’t know if you could call it true love or not. There’s definitely a basis of attraction/shared experience/friendship, but they’ve been very strict about not letting it turn into anything else. I think if they tried—and they might really need to work at it, given their personalities and life circumstances up to this point in time—what they have might very well turn into true love.

Not “true love” of the kind Daniel and Sha’re shared, but a more hardworking variety.

What the hell is wrong with Larry Fleinhardt (6)?

Um…he’s too bright for his own good? He only eats white food; he says he “likes symmetry.”

How would Jeffery Sinclair (8) die and how would he/she be remembered?

Wow, okay. In the actual canon, Sinclair doesn’t die—either as himself or as Valen. He’s like Arthur; he leaves and it is prophesied that he will return, though whether that refers to Sinclair’s birth in the future or to some other return, we may never know.

But he does leave, and is remembered as a strong leader, a wise man, a religious man, a humble and prophetic man, and a great friend.

Greg Sanders (2), Eowyn (5), Molly Weasley (10), Simon Banks (11), Walter Skinner (12), and Jim Ellison (13) form a sports team. What sport do they play, and who else do they invite if they need more players?

This boggles my mind. Maybe baseball? Except I’m not sure how many people they’d need for a full team. Jim and Simon can bring in Blair and Simon’s son Daryl; Greg has Nick and Warrick who’d probably like to play; Molly has sons and a spunky daughter.

All 15 are together, facing certain death. It is not possible for all 15 to live, but through nobel sacrifice of one or more, the others could. What happens? >:D

So all fifteen of my chosen characters are trapped in an underground room that is swiftly flooding. Larry and Samantha calculate how fast the room will fill with water, and at what point the pressure will be great enough to collapse the room itself and prevent any escapes through the also-flooding narrow tunnel outside. It’s not going to be enough time for all of them to make it out. Jack and Simon take charge of the situation, and organize the group by who can/cannot swim and by size/weight—the lightest should go first, while the water is still relatively low. Samantha and Blair protest this (privately, to Jack and to Jim), but are told that if they go now, there might still be time for everyone to work their way through the tunnel before the whole place collapses.

Larry Fleinhardt goes first, then Greg Sanders. Close behind them, Molly and then Eowyn (who is a better swimmer). While Blair is arguing with Jim, Susan Ivanova gets a promise from Sinclair not to be stupid and goes, followed by Wash. The water’s getting higher now, waist-level, swift and rising steadily. The door to the tunnel is unable to close, and time is running out.

Colonel Jack O’Neill orders Major Samantha Carter to get topside and report back to the SGC. Knowing there is still some time, but not much, Sam obeys. Jim convinces Blair to follow by pairing him with Cazaril (who is pretending he needs the help, when in fact he’s a better swimmer than Blair).

The remaining men (Simon, Jack, Jim, Skinner, Sinclair, and Maybourne) argue briefly about who should be the next to leave. The water is chest high now, on the shorter men (ie, not Jim or Simon). As they discuss, Maybourne swims out.

It is decreed that Simon—who has a son—must go next, and after being briefed on some version of Jim's abilities, they send Jim after him, and by then it is too late for the rest.

I don’t suppose the last three find much to say during their last five minutes, afloat and treading water near the ceiling. Sinclair prays quietly, Skinner thinks of everything he hasn’t managed to do in his life, and Jack either thinks about his team and how he’ll miss them, or wonders who he’ll see on the other side.

None of them regret choosing death in order to let the others live (with the possible exception of Maybourne, whom I can see Jack wasting a few swearwords on).

jd3000 (again):

What would Jeffery Sinclair (8) find annoying or disturbing, if anything, about Blair Sandburg (7)? Larry Fleinhardt (6)?

Sinclair might find in Blair a certain intellectual arrogance—but I think they’d get along, overall.

Larry’s thing for white food might weird Sinclair out a little.

Samantha Carter (3), Castillar dy Cazaril (9), and Simon Banks (11) go out to dinner. Who would reach for the check first?

Simon, definitely. Sam’s a woman, so Simon would be careful to beat her to the check, and Cazaril doesn’t clue into that custom quickly enough.


*sigh* That was loads of fun!
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