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Today is Peter MacNicol’s birthday! *cheers*

This week’s episode was pretty good—intense, plotty, scary in that it explored the random violence of a school shooting.

The writers sure like to give Colby amusing throwaway lines. As he and David climb out of their SUV to chase a suspect, David says: “$5 says he runs.” Colby: “$10 says I catch him.” Heh.

I was already rooting for Larry’s crush on Megan to develop into something more, so I may now proclaim myself an official Megan/Larry ‘shipper. When Larry came into the office and she gave him that smile, I thought, “Yay, they haven’t forgotten about that crush after all!” And then Charlie tweaked Larry about it, and Amita started asking questions, and then there was the completely awkward exit as Charlie and Amita made their “clumsy attempt at lending privacy” so that Larry could ask Megan out. I’m glad she said yes—I really think they work well together. As another fan said, maybe we’ll finally get a relationship on a show that isn’t horribly angst-ridden.

What I say is, I hope Megan knows a good man when she’s got one. Larry’s twice my age and I’m still jealous. :-D

Last week’s episode, "Spellbound", dealt with the murder of a psychic. There was quite a variety of belief/unbelief in her abilities show by various characters, including the very scientific Grissom, and Greg (whose grandma was apparently psychic), with people like Brass in between.

It felt balanced, and it was interesting that whether the gal had any abilities or not, she was definitely a con artist.

What did bug me about the episode is that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a psychic on this show. Back in the season 3 episode “Stalker,” a concerned citizen with apparently psychic gifts helps Grissom and the team figure out the M.O. of a murderous stalker. The psychic even shows up at Nick’s apartment at precisely the right time to keep Nick from being killed by the stalker—the psychic gets killed instead. In that episode, Grissom was skeptical of Pearson’s abilities until they proved to line up with the evidence. At that point, he used Pearson like a forensic tool. There was no automatic assumption of falsehood or con-artistry.

I guess I would have like someone to mention that case, that’s all. A bit of emotional continuity, and a way to set belief against belief.

Perhaps I should write a short fic.
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