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Recommending an SG-1 Fic: Eurydice Ascending

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of stories with a strong 'shippy focus (even if I'm a fan of the ship, and it's canon), nor do I often bother to read fic that is AU to "fix" a particular event in the canon timelime.

I had heard that this fic was good, but because it's AU for the episode "Forever In A Day," which I thought was a deeply sad but truly excellent episode, I had never read it.

Finally, bored a week or so ago, I decided to read it.

It's really good. Plotty, exciting, emotional, with varying perspectives on the story--including Sha're's. If you're a fan of team-centric stories, and a fan of Daniel/Sha're at all, I recommend this story.

Eurydice Ascending, by C. L. Kamnikar
Tags: fic rec, stargate sg-1

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