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Minor update re: work

And a couple of other notes. I did, in fact, manage to write rough drafts for the Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday midrash fics in the series. But I did not manage to rewrite or post them.

Vote, if you please: should I work on them this week? Or wait and post them next year on the appropriate days?

So a couple of weeks back I emailed the Upstairs Boss, asking her what my current job description/title is, because I am now doing stuff I was not doing two years ago, and several of my previous "responsibilities" have been delegated out to others.

She said she'd let me know in a few weeks.

Last week she took me briefly aside to say that she's thinking about totally changing my position, putting into finance/billing (I'm half-way there right now anyway). This could be good, as it would = pay raise, and some actual solid responsibilities. It also comes with two downsides: I would actually have to understand the math of the billing process (*metaphorically slits wrists*) and talk about it on the phone to our newspaper contacts. I hate phones with a firey passion, at least at work. Also, I would no longer be working strictly under GoodSuper Karine, but under Upstairs Boss, who gets a tad manic when she's stressed, and whom I have a hard time not yelling at or breaking down in front of when she's on the warpath.



More as more occurs.
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