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SPOILERS! Yes, you read that right.

Okay, I usually don’t go trolling for spoilers. However, whether I’m just bored or in need of some excitement, I haven’t exactly been avoiding them this year, either. Admittedly, after last year’s May sweeps, I’m quite curious as to what CSI is going to try this year. Also, this being Numb3rs’ first full season, I’ve been interested to find out what they’re going to do for sweeps.

Now, I realize that most of you will not wish to be spoiled, but I need to squee somewhere. I’m lj-cutting it, but don’t go into this post unless you don’t mind finding out a few things early. I don’t have really juicy details, but I do speculate—and given that some of the plot stuff coincides with fic I am working on, I can’t be answerable if I guess correctly. *snerk*

You have been warned.

So, the creators of Numb3rs are really going all out with their first official May sweeps. And it’s all new episodes for the next 5 weeks! Woo!

“Guns and Roses” (and could there be a more awesome title?) features the possible suicide of an old flame of Don’s. The preview seems to show that for once Don is quite incapable of staying emotionally detached from a case—to the point where his co-workers and family get very worried about him.

“Rampage” features someone shooting up the FBI office, wounding two (unnamed as yet) agents and killing a suspect who is being questioned in relation to a rape case. Charlie almost gets hit, or so I hear. Wonder what Alan’s reaction is going to be to this?! Or Don’s, frankly?

“Backscatter” is the one people have been excited about, ever since creator Cheryl Heuton offered this tease to TV Guide’s Ask Ausellio: “A regular character goes down in a hail of gunfire. And Don's efforts to keep the bad stuff he deals with in his work away from his home fails when dangerous people come to the Eppes family home. Don, scared for his family, tries to fire Charlie, only to have the L.A.P.D. hire him back onto the case."
ETA: OMGOSH, apparently the MOB is after Don!

In another post, she added (again with the over-the-top teasing): “Pretty much everyone who survives Rampage gets killed in Backscatter.” This has lead to actual speculation about a character being killed off. I do not believe they would do this, at this point. I postulate characters in mortal danger, characters wounded (my vote for “going down in a hail of gunfire” is Megan), but nobody actually dead.

We’ll see, I suppose.

“Undercurrents” I have not heard much about the plot of this one, but the title sounds like it probably has at least a double meaning. Hmmm!

And the finale is called “Hotshot”. Heh. There have apparently been no plotty details leaked for this episode yet, but it’s supposed to contain a confrontation between the Eppes brothers, so there’s at least potential for character-heavy episode here.

And then there’s CSI:

They’re playing games with the viewers by posting an altered version of the full-cast painting which graced magazine covers earlier in the year. Brass is the only one missing (or, rather, where he should be is a body with a bullet hole, lying face down on the counter), leading to speculation that he’s going to be killed off.

Again, I’m not buying it. That he gets shot, yes, I’ll buy that. The spoilers seem fairly solid on that point. But I can’t imagine Brass not coming back, especially since we know Paul Gulfoyle signed an extended contract. There do seem to be a few more potential clues in the picture, but I don’t know whether to assign any actual meaning to them. Doc Robbins, for instance, is wearing a shirt that looks red. Is it? Or is that blood? Greg’s shirt sports a question mark, and he’s looking at Robbins. Warrick appears to be minus his wedding ring. Etc, etc, you get the picture.

House, M.D.:

Well, I haven’t seen much spoilers here, but I note with glee that a member of House’s team is going to get sick—same symptoms as one of their patients. And it’s Foreman. Heh.

Also, any show about a 15-yr-old faith healer with a title like “House vs. God” is going to get me avidly watching (as if I weren’t already).

By the by, is it just me, or do a lot of shows seem to be pulling out the “maim/kill a major character” card for this particular May sweeps? I’ve heard rumors about NCIS, as well as a few other shows. (West Wing doesn’t count; that was an excellent handling of John Spencer’s untimely death.)

It’s going to be an exciting few weeks, anyway.
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