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Crazy cool score titles: LOST soundtrack, 1st season

This was a complete impulse buy (very odd for me), partly because I recall liking the music on the show--and it's already proven to be good writing music.

But mostly, I bought it because the titles of the pieces were just soooo amusing in the ways they reference the show. All I want to know is whether the composer titled them these as he went along or made them up later! :-)

Main Title (composed by JJ Abrams)
The Eyeland
World's Worst Beach Party
Credit Where Credit is Due
Run Lik, Um...Hell?
Hollywood and Vines (*snicker*)
Just Die Already
Me and My Big Mouth
Crocodile Locke
Win One for the Reaper
Departing Sun
Charlie Hangs Around (this is the one that sold me)
Navel Gazing
Proper Motivation
Run Away! Run Away!
We're Friends
Getting Ethan
Thinking Clairely
Locke'd Out Again
Life and Death
Kate's Motel
I've Got a Plane to Catch
Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People (misspelling is intentional)
Parting Words
Oceanic 815

Er. I think I need a LOST icon.
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