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So I'm 26 now....

Hmmm. As usual, things don't seem much different. :-)

It was a quiet weekend, though not a bad one. My DVDs of the first season of The Sentinel came, and I got to watch the first four episodes. Much fun! Also, mistraltoes, I devoured most of Pulitzer yesterday. :-)

A couple of friends took me out for lunch yesterday (mmm, sushi), and then I allowed myself to splurge on a couple of trade paperback comic collections.

Saturday night a different friend took me to a movie (Akeelah and the Bee--very sweet, good acting) and then out to dinner, and he refused to let me pay anything because it was my birthday present. It was really nice to have someone keep me company, instead of just hanging around my rather empty-feeling house.

So I'm 26. Wonder what will happen between now and this time next year?
Tags: birthday, friendship, quantum leap, real life, review, the sentinel

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