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Er...yes...um. I used to be somewhat spoiler-allergic, and avoided such sites as SpoilerFix.com.

This year, I've been more eager to get tidbits beforehand and be all excited about them.

Then I saw a couple of details for the House, M.D. season finale. *hyperventilates* Okay, this can't be good for me. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, and yet I'm still staring at the finale. And sort of not breathing. Because WHOA. Because EEEEEP.

*deep breathing*

I am...relaxed. I am...relaxed.

Give me some good reason not to go spoiler hunting, please. I'm making a list to look at when I'm tempted. :-)

I might actually come post a review of "House vs. God" sometime soon; that was a really good episode, about which I have some praise and some quibbles.
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